Sunday, January 5, 2014

Art Challenge

For the past four years, I've belonged to an "Art Challenge" group.  We challenge each other to a topic and each member creates a piece of art based on that topic.  One of challenges four years ago was "Popcorn".  I created the above image and called it "Cocktails at Orville's".

Another challenge that first year was "Water".  I called the above photo "Polished Water".  I used my software to manipulate a photo of the water of a fountain.  I love our art challenge group.  It really gets you to think about the subject and get the creative juices flowing.

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Abraham Lincoln said...

I watched some You Tubes the other day trying to find myself again. I used to draw all the time and then gave it up when the modern digital cameras came out. Now I am looking back at that period in my life and am liking the memories.